Key Stage 2

Class 4 News

Dear parents and carers,

Happy New Year and welcome back to school, I hope you all had a lovely, peaceful Christmas.

This spring term our topic is The Jungle and this theme will thread through our literacy and other lessons too. As in the autumn term our PE lessons are on a Tuesday and Thursday so please ensure that your children have their PE kit in for these days.

Please find attached the new homework grid for this half term. As before children can bring the work in as soon as it is completed with a final submission date of Wednesday 7 February. The challenges in capital letters are compulsory and the children can then pick and choose which other activities from the grid they would like to complete to reach the target of 100 points (I’ve set the points target a bit lower as it is a shorter half term).

As detailed in a previous newsletter we are now using the Read, Write, Inc (RWI) spelling programme, with the children ability grouped across KS2 and as a result there are no class 4 weekly spellings as we had previously. As part of this scheme the children all have their own log books where they are writing down the spellings that they are currently practicing in their group. They should then be bringing these log books home so they can practice their spellings daily and then bringing them back to school each day for their next lesson. The RWI programme has spelling tests built into the set format these however will not always fall on the same day of the week, hence the importance of practicing them daily. If you have any queries about this new approach then please do come and see me.

Within class 4 we also have 5 personal spellings, which are words I find the children mis- spelling in their writing during lessons. We will be collecting new personal spellings and testing on them every Friday and I will get the children to write these spellings along with their test scores in their log books too rather than their homework diaries that we did previously so that it is all in one place for ease of practise at home.

At the end of last half term I invited Mrs Gill, other teachers and staff to come into our class and share with the children the amazing work and homework they had completed since starting in September. The children took time selecting all the pieces of work and homework they had enjoyed the most or were most proud of and displayed it all on their tables for the staff to see. We also took the opportunity ourselves to walk around and celebrate each-others success, it made us all realise how much work and progress the children had made since September. I’ve included a few pictures of the event below but hopefully will get a few more uploaded onto the website soon.

Thank you again for your continued support it is as always much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Mrs Bowles