Key Stage 1

Class R Traditional Tales - discovering the enormous turnip!

Class R found a surprise on the school field. We talked about why we thought we had come outside and what we thought could be hiding under the cloth. The children looked at the clues and suggested a number of traditional tales including Jack and the Beanstalk.

Miss Cotterill revealed that today we would all become story tellers to share the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’. Class R got to play the parts of the old man, the old woman, the young boy, the young girl and the dog, as well as working together to tell the story using actions on the repeated phrases.

Class R were very excited to discover a new story and couldn’t believe the size of the turnip! Class R even told the other classes and staff about their new discovery once they got out to play time!

Class R could not believe their eyes when they came back the next day!

The Enormous Turnip had disappeared from our classroom! We searched all around the school and asked if anyone had seen it! Once we found the turnip we had great fun acting out the story again using all of our story props.