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Boys and girls teams from year four and five went to Paignton Community College to take part in the annual Torbay Schools Futsal Competition.
The boys were the defending champions, a huge achievement for the smallest school in the competition by some way.  This year saw far more teams taking part – the boys played some excellent Futsal and were extremely unlucky to narrowly lose to the group winners.  In a close group the boys finished third which meant that they only just missed out on a semi final place.  Huge well done to Alex, Alex, Ollie, Christopher, Rory and Joseph who worked really hard and played really well.
The girls had a really busy schedule which was made even more challenging that many of the girls were playing for the first time ever.  The fact it was the first time for many of the girls certainly didn’t show and they played ever so well.  Every game they played in was such a close affair and they left with their heads held high.  The girls were backed by the enthusiastic managerial team of Mr Best and Mr Matthews – possibly too enthusiastic at times, Mr Matthews is now looking at a touchline ban and a place in stands for the next match and a hefty fine from the FA!  The girls also brought a loud and supportive fan base with them – one observer was overheard saying ‘I think St Margaret Clitherow are the Millwall of Torbay schools football.’  (They must have been referring to the energy packed and free flowing football on show – I hope!)
It was a very enjoyable event and everyone was a credit to the school (well, the children were!)’
Mr Wallace.
Photos by Miss Irvine.