Sharks, 2021-22 Archive

Heatree Residential – March 2022

We took a group of 24 children from Sharks Class to Heatree on Dartmoor for an exciting (yet damp!) week of adventures and activities. From the moment we arrived, the children we able to take part in exciting team building exercises and activities which required them to challenge themselves.

On Tuesday afternoon the children first planned and built dens for a woodland animal. They then worked in their teams to build shelters for themselves. It was a very wet afternoon and these shelters were welcomed by them all! Our first evening was spent watching a movie on the giant screen in our games area, playing games with friends and watching some fabulous dancing!

On Wednesday we split into two teams with myself (Mrs Edge) and our fantastic trainee teacher Miss Bentley taking the red group, and Mrs Maskell, Mrs Cartledge and Miss Dorricott staying with the Blue group. After everyone was kitted up in their helmets and waterproofs we set off for a fun filled morning on the low adventure. Red group particularly enjoyed getting wet in the stream, climbing up tunnels and then sliding down through others. The children were fearless and I was so proud of them all. That afternoon we spent time learning about the Saxons in the Saxon round hut, creating food, making clay and then clay creations, and making jewellery to wear that day. In the evening we danced, played games and played football.

On Thursday the weather began to clear a little which helped us with our orienteering task and then making rockets! Wow, Sharks – you were so good at this! Thursday afternoon saw the high adventure where the children, and some of the adults, climbed so high you would all be amazed. Mrs Cartledge and Miss Bentley led the way for the staff – you were amazing! In the evening we had campfire singing and marshmallows in the Saxon Roundhouse followed by climbing and football in the barn.

Our last morning saw a walk to Jay’s Grave on the morning, learning a sad and intriguing local tale. We had hot chocolate in the woods, paddled in a stream and played the best game – camouflage.

We were all so proud of how well the children coped with being away from home, achieved more than they thought was possible and represented our school.

Mrs Cartledge and I can’t wait to take you all away again!

Mrs Edge

Week commencing 3.1.22

Welcome back to school! This term I will be continuing to teach Sharks on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with Mrs Dudman joining us as class teacher on a Thursday and Friday. We will be ably supported as usual by Mrs Cartledge, Miss Thompson and Miss Dorricott. The children came back into school on Wednesday smiling and ready to learn and we are all looking forward to the term ahead. On Wednesday we had a Science Day in class where the children learned about Evolution and Inheritance. Over the course of the day they: considered how different animals are adapted to their habitats; researched the lives of Darwin or Wallace working in pairs to present their findings to the class; and examined and investigated fossils.

Next week we will be continuing to learn about fractions, beginning a narrative unit with a focus on dialogue and learning about materials in Science as well as many other topics!

Mrs Edge


Autumn Term 2021 Overview

Sharks Class had an extremely busy term with a variety of activities taking place. During term 1 we had a great time immersing ourselves in the Victorians period and finding out about how the coming of the railways affected our local area and how it subsequently changed with the closure of Brixham railway station. Children carried out individual research projects for their homework, we had a Victorian Day in school and Mr Gardner came in to share his knowledge on the subject with us.

The highlight of term 2 had to be our swimming lessons. Sharks class amazed the adults in the class with their skills and perseverance in the pool – we are immensely proud of you all.

Over the course of the term we were lucky enough to have had visits from a number of different people including Father Sonny and our local MP.

At the end of term 2 we said goodbye to Mrs Maskell as one of the class teachers as she takes up the role of Executive Headteacher and we look forward to Mrs Dudman being our new class teacher on a Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Edge