Key Stage 1


The lower part of the school met four new superheroes last Monday.  All the superheroes have learning super powers which the children are going to try and use to help them throughout the year.
We met:

  • Perseverance Polly – who can really focus and ignore all things around her.
  • Resourceful Roger – he can use his great memory to remember other things that he has learned and he loves to experiment and try new things.
  • Reflective Ryan – Ryan is a careful planner and never jumps in, he thinks carefully and is prepared to change if things are quite working.
  • Cooperation Chloe – she knows what it is to be a good team member to work together to get something done.

The children came to school dressed as superheroes – as did the staff – and completed activities to practice the new super powers.

After school finished parents and carers came in – disappointingly not dressed as superheroes – to work with the teachers to get to know the super powers themselves so they can be used at home.