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British Science Week

British Science Week is a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and the theme this year was – connections!  During this week each class spent an afternoon participating in a science, technology or engineering themed challenge, this was ‘connected’ to the work of a key scientist and we later shared our investgiations and findings at a whole school assembly.

Starfish Class learnt about the scientist Stephanie Kwolek who invented Kevlar in 1965 and had an investigation linked to Stephanie’s work as a materials scientist and connected to their previous learning on materials – they had to build the best egg-protector out of a range of different materials with the aim of protecting the egg from a falling object!

Dolphin Class learnt about the scientists/inventors Leonardo da Vinci and Igor Sikorsky. Although Leonardo da Vinci is most famously known for his paintings he was also a great inventor and the children discovered how he was connected to Igor Sikorsky who invented and made the first helicopter.  Igor used some of Leonardo’s early investigations and plans into flight as his starting point! The children then made their own roto-copters and investigated how to make their copters fall faster.

Sharks Class learnt about the engineers Isambard Kingdom Brunel & Emily Roebling who are connected through the building of bridges; learning about Emily’s ground breaking work as the first female field engineer overseeing the building of the Brooklyn bridge and Isambard’s links to us in the South West as one of the most influential British figures in the industrial revolution. The children then had to build their own bridges to span a set distance and hold a 50g weight.

All children demonstrated fabulous scientific knowledge and working scientifically skills throughout their investigations – well done super scientists!