Key Stage 1


As part of our ‘New Life’ topic, Class R were part of a 10 day hatching experience. The children helped to set up the incubator, monitor the temperature and wait patiently as they began to hatch. There were 9 successful hatches from 11 eggs. 4 males and 5 female chicks.

As the chickens were so popular with the whole school community, we have decided to keep some chickens at school in our new chicken coop, kindly purchased by the PTA..

The male chickens, John, Roger, Yogi and Tweeter, have found a new home in Brixham at Indigo’s so the children can still visit the chicks when they can.

The female chickens, Henrietta, Chestnut, Coco, Nutmeg and Marshmallow were kept by the school.

Mrs Callaghan has been very generous in looking after the girls until their new coop arrived (our boxes were far too small).

Unfortunately, even with lots of love and care from Mrs Callaghan, Nutmeg made it to 11 weeks old, which is brilliant considering how hard she found it to hatch out of her egg in the incubator!

The girls are now loving the attention from our whole school community.