Dolphin Class, 2022-23

Welcome to Dolphin Class

Year 3 & Year 4

Mrs Bowles (teacher)

Miss Sims (TA)








29th September 2022 – PE, tag rugby

In our PE lessons with Mr W we have started with tag rugby, learning the skills required alongside the rules and have started playing mini games. We have been having great fun and enjoyed working to together as a team to attack and defend and have developed outstanding dodging skills.

23 September 2022 – Science

In science we have been exploring the topic of animals including humans and in particular the human digestive system.  To help in our understanding of all the different parts of our digestive system, their function and how they work together we created our very own digestive systems!  So after our donning our lab coats and safety glasses, we used scissors for our teeth to chop the food up, added water as our saliva to start breaking down the food and then placed it all in a food bag, just like our stomach.  We then added orange juice which is acidic to represent our stomach acid and finally added the squishy mixture to the leg of a long tight to represent our intestines, where the children squished and squashed it through just like perastalsis that happens inside us. Very messy, great fun and lots of learning!


September 2022 – Welcome back Dolphin Class!

We’ve had a fabulous first few weeks back in Dolphin Class, full of learning and fun.  It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school after their summer break, all keen to learn and excited to see their friends again.  I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of my Dolphins, who have all impressed with their outstanding learning attitude and settled straight back in so well; we have completed so much already:

  • Science – we have startred learning about the human digestive system
  • History – we are studying the Romans and Roman Britain
  • Maths – started on our place value learning with some graffitti maths with all our maths resources
  • English – after sharing our story Escape from Pompeii we have been working on our newspaper writing skills
  • Art – we are starting by studying still-life artists, from the traditional Paul Cezanne to the contempary Roy Lichtenstein, working on our sketching skills.

We’ve also started learning about tag rugby in PE, esafety and emailing in computing and our family trees and Jesus ancestors in RE.

Well done Dolphins Class – what a fabulous start!

Welcome to Dolphin Class letter Sep22