Dolphins, 2021-22

Welcome to Dolphin Class

Year 2, Year 3 & Year 4

Mrs Bowles (teacher)

Miss Sims (TA)









17th September 2021 – Science

Conitnuing on our theme of learning about humans and what we need to survive, today we though about our hearts and exercise.  We learnt all about our heart, what it looks like and it’s size and where it is in our body; we also learnt how to take our pulse.  We then conducted an experiment to see what would happen after different activities to our heart rate. Using our working scientifically skills of observing, measuring and recording, after making our predictions we went outside and completed several challenges, measuring our heart rates after each one.  The children’s prediction were correct and their heart rates did raise after exercising. We discussed why this happened and why it was important to exercise and eat healthily to help our heart. Super scientists Dolphins, well done.


14th September 2021 – PE 

Much to the children’s great excitement we have Mr W, a PE specialist from Kinetic Sport, delivering our PE lessons this year.  He started last week with some ice breaker team games and ball games to welcome the children back and assess their current skill level and today saw the children start their first netball lesson, which will be our focus for the rest of this half term. Mr W said he was very impressed with their listening, ball handling and team working skills already – well done Dolphins!


9th September 2021 – RE

We have started our RE learning thinking about new beginnings, and how many we have each and every day, including for many the new beginning of the school year.  We watched the Finding Nemo clip of Nemo’s first day of school and discussed how new beginnings can feel different for different people, just like in the clip for Nemo and his dad. We reflected on the various new beginnings we’ve had in our lives, drawing a picture of one of these for our special books adding on the different emotions that we felt at the time.


7th September 2021 – Welcome to Dolphins Class

What a wonderful first week back to school we have had in Dolphins Class.  It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school after their summer break, all keen to learn and excited to see their friends again.  I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of my Dolphins, who have all impressed with their attitude to their learning and settled in so well to their new class; we have completed so much already:

  • Science – we have startred learning what humans need to survive both physically and mentally
  • History – we recalled what time periods in history we have already learnt about and placed these on a timeline before then adding the Stone Age – our new historical focus for this half term
  • Maths – started on our place value learning with some graffitti maths with all our maths resources
  • English – started our instruction writing based around ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’, completed our reading assessments, borrowed new books from our library and started completing AR quizzes

On top of all this we’ve also had time for some fun team building challenges, PE, art and RE too.

Once we have all the photo permissions back from parents I shall be adding lots of photos – so watch this space…

Well done Dolphins Class – I am looking forward to working with and helping you to succeed this year!


Welcome to Dolphin Class letter Sep21