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Lockdown 3

We are so sorry to posting this so late, but unfortunately the school communication system keeps crashing and we belief that is as a result of many schools trying to message parents.
We are sure you have heard the government announcement regarding the immediate moving of learning to remote (online) learning from tomorrow, with little time for school staff to get organised. We have held an SLT meeting and liaised with staff (at 9pm) and we are going to inevitably need the day tomorrow to get organised and ensure everything is in place. This means tomorrow the school will be closed to ALL pupils. Provision will then be firmly in place by Wednesday 6th January.
Whilst I recognise this will prove difficult for some of you, staff need to take the time to make contact with families to clarify the next steps and how things will work.
Whilst children are at home tomorrow they will be able to access learning on googleclassroom, IXL and TTrockstars. Teachers are all contactable via their emails and will do what they can to communicate with you.
Please bear with us for the next 24 hours and we will endeavour to pull out all the stops to support our children in terms of learning and their wellbeing. This is the last thing our school staff wanted for our children and please remain assured that they will be at the forefront of everything we do.
Meanwhile, we need to gather information regarding:
Are you a key worker (these needs to be both parents if living with both)? If yes, what days would you require your child to be in school.
Is your child categorised as vulnerable and on what grounds?
Do you have access to wifi?
Have you got suitable devices – laptop, chromebook, ipads, that you can use?
Although we have gathered much of this information before, some of it may have changed and therefore we want to make sure we are as up to date as possible. Please could you therefore email this information to your child’s teacher.
God bless to you all and we will be in touch again tomorrow.