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Poetry Competition Winner

Well done to Nadia Batchelor-Shepperson whose poem was chosen as a winner in the All Saints Sea Week Poetry competition, open to primary school pupils in Brixham.  Children who submitted entries to the competition had to give their poem the title, ‘Down at the Harbour…’ Please read Nadia’s winning entry below:

Down at the Harbour

Down at the harbour…
I hear seagulls squawking,
I hear fish and chips cooking,
I hear boats swaying in the wind.

Down at the harbour…
I see crabs in the sea,
I see a lifeboat on a mission,
I see people hand in hand.
Down at the harbour…

I smell seaweed on the rocks,
I smell chips sizzling in a pan,
I smell fish being brought onto land.
Down a the harbour…

I taste vinegar on my chips,
I taste ice cream melting onto my lips,
I taste sea salt wafting into my mouth.

Down at the harbour is the place I love to be!