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Welcome to Class 3


Mrs Bowles (Teacher)     Miss Sims (TA)


Weekly Learning Overview: week9, week commencing 15June 2020

week9_wc15Jun_Class3 home learning

Hello Class 3, here is this week’s home learning plan and as before all resources you need are in google classroom. Remember to keep sending your work to Mrs Callaghan or upload them to google classroom.

I’m looking forward to seeing all your home learning. Mrs Bowles.


Weekly home learning celebration newsletter:

Home Learners Newsletter 12.6.20


Weekly Learning Overview: week8, week commencing 8June 2020

week8_wc8Jun_Class3 home learning

Hello Class 3, here is this week’s home learning plan, as in previous weeks all resources are in google classroom.  Remember to keep sending your work to Mrs Callaghan or upload them to google classroom.  I’m looking forward to seeing all your home learning.

Have a great week, Mrs B


Weekly home learning celebration newsletter:

Home Learners Newsletter 5.6.20


Weekly Learning Overview: week7, week commencing 1June 2020

week7_wc1Jun_Class3 home learning

Hello Class 3 and welcome back from half term, I hope you had a lovely break.   Here is this week’s home learning plan, as in previous weeks all resources are in google classroom.

As I am now back teaching the two year 6 pods in school, Mrs Callaghan who is working from home will be looking after all the home learners and Mrs Dudman will be setting the morning challenges.  Please continue to log into google classroom every day at 9.30am for the morning wows and upload any completed work to google classroom or email it to Mrs Callaghan.  I will check your work folders regularly to see how you are getting on so keep up that great work! Mrs B.


Weekly Learning Overview: week6, week commencing 18May 2020

week6_wc18May_Class3 home learning

Hello Class 3, here is this week’s home learning plan, as in previous weeks all resources are in google classroom.  Looking forward to seeing all your home learning.  Keep persevering and using your growth mindset thinking – have a great week, Mrs B


Friday 15th May – Mrs Bowles’ weekly round-up

Dear Class 3,

We’ve come to the end of another busy week of home learning and a huge thank you to all of you that have been sending/sharing your work and photos with me; I do really enjoying seeing how you’ve been getting on whilst you are learning at home. From fitness workouts to geographical facts; from vehicle designs for all different locations to careful maths calculations it has been great to see them all. Mr Zaki has asked if any of you have completed his fitness challenge please can you let me know and send on any photos of fitness routines so that he can start awarding certificates.

Excitingly we have a few events next week to look forward to, starting with a Times Table Rock Stars battle between Class3 and Class2 so make sure you log in and play in the garage zone between 9am – 3.30pm on Monday 18th May to ensure your points count towards our class total; I wonder who will be our top scorers next week.  Also starting next week is our ‘Giant Wiggle’ organised by Mrs O’Sullivan to raise money for Action for Children.  Look out for the details of what you need to do to get involved and help raise money for this much needed cause in the letter sent by Mrs O’Sullivan and this newsletter.    Finally, we hope to have another class zoom meeting next week so keep checking into google classroom each day and once we’ve organised a time I’ll let you know.

Take care, have a lovely weekend and speak to you all soon.

Mrs Bowles



Weekly Learning Overview: week5, week commencing 11May 2020

Class3 weekly overview_week5_wc11May

Hello Class 3, here is this week’s home learning plan, as in previous weeks all resources are in google classroom.  Looking forward to seeing all your home learning.

Have a great week, Mrs B


Friday 8th May – Mrs Bowles’ weekly round-up

Dear Class 3,

What a busy week we’ve all had!  It was so lovely to see you all at our first zoom meeting so not only could we hear what you had been up to we could see your smiling faces too (and some fabulous new home haircuts); lovely to see so many of your home projects and meet your pets too. Apologies to those who didn’t seem to be able to make it, we’ll try and ensure it’s all sorted for next time for you.  This week we also held our first Times Table Rock Stars battle between Class3 and Class4, it was so close but Class4 beat us in the end by just over 100 points. Huge congratulations to everyone from Class3 that logged in to add their points to our class total, especially Morgana, Owen and Bonnie who were the top 3 scorers for our class.  I’ve spoken to Miss Fusco and we may set another battle next week and challenge Class2, so look out for the dates and times in my google classroom daily post.

This week I’ve received some fabulous fact files about the different countries that make up the United Kingdom, excellent detailed newspaper reports that I will be sending off to First News to hopefully be included in their paper, photos and reports on your success with Mr Zaki’s fitness challenge and wonderfully accurate and neat column additions and subtractions.  Huge congratulations to you all (and your grown-ups) for all your hard work whilst learning at home.

Take care and speak to you all soon.

Mrs Bowles




Weekly Learning Overview: week4, week commencing 4 May 2020

Class3 weekly overview_week4_wc4May

Hello, here we are at the start of another week – all resources will be in google classroom.  Looking forward to speaking to you all through the morning challenges this week.  Again I’ve made some of the writing tasks on google slides, so you can follow the lesson and then type directly into the slide and hand in.  If you would rather write than type that’s ok too, write your work in your exercise book and take a picture to send to me instead.

Just remember you are all amazing and you are all doing a great job.


Friday 27th April – Mrs Bowles’ weekly round-up

Hello Class 3,

So we come to the end of another week of home learning; another week full of fabulous writing, maths, reading, creative creations and book word searches. I am so very proud of you (and your families) for the continued effort and dedication you are showing to your home learning.  Our learning this week focused on our fabulous town of Brixham and the Golden Hind. I have been impressed with your detailed character descriptions of pirates and fantastic list poems describing being on board a pirate ship in a storm.  You have also embraced the morning challenges, it has been lovely to hear from you all and feel part of our class again.  On Tuesday you took on the challenge of writing a story together as a class, each contributing only 5-words at a time, our final result is included below!  I’ve also been impressed with your Purple Mash 2Do scores, well done everyone who has been logging in and giving this new program a go.

SMC stories are now in full swing with a new one being released each day; these are now on our school website under the parents/home learning tab so pop along to share a story with us.

I am still missing you all and look forward to hearing all your news and seeing your learning again next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bowles



Weekly Learning Overview: week3, week commencing 27 April 2020

Class3 weekly overview_week3_wc27Apr

Hello, here is this week’s timetable.  All the resources you need are uploaded into google classroom already.  Remember you don’t have to print the worksheets you can just write the answers into your exercise books or type them into a google document or slide.

Remember to upload your work to google classroom or google drive and share it with me so I can see how you are getting on. If you have any concerns or questions then please message me.

Hope you have a fabulous week.


Friday 24th April – Mrs Bowles’ weekly round-up

Another week over and yet again you have kept me wonderfully busy with sending in your work and messages, thank you.  Lots of you have enjoyed our writing theme this week; based around Earth Day which was on 22 April.  I’ve been sent some fabulously professional, fact-filled Earth Day leaflets.  I know how passionate you are about looking after our planet Earth and this has really shone through in your work, well done everyone.  If you haven’t yet sent me some of your work then please do so!  You can attach it to the assignment in google classroom or upload it to google drive and share it with me or send it to me in an email.  If you’ve completed the task in your exercise book you could take a photo of it and upload it in the same way.  It is so wonderful to see everything that you have been busy with whilst learning at home.

It has also been lovely to hear how all your seeds are growing.  My pea seeds are growing quite big now and I’m looking forward to eating fresh peas this summer (fingers crossed the seedlings survive all the slugs and snails). This week I have been recording myself reading stories to share with you all; some smaller picture books but also a chapter book, Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, so I’ll be adding a chapter at a time to our website – so log on each day to share story time with me at 3pm.

Keep positive, keep smiling and keep being kind to yourself and others.

Mrs Bowles



Weekly Learning Overview: week commencing 20 April 2020

Class3 weekly overview_week2_wc20Apr

Here is this weeks home learning plan.  All the resources you need are either in your new home learning packs or uploaded into google classroom already.  Remember you don’t have to print the worksheets you can just write the answers into your exercise books, just please remember to add the date and give your work a title so it will be easy for me to find once we are all back to school.

Remember to upload your work to google classroom or google drive and share it with me so I can see how you are getting on. If you have any concerns or questions then please message me.

Hope you have a lovely week.


Friday 17th April – Mrs Bowles’ weekly round-up

Well what another strange week it has been for us all!  It was so lovely to see lots of you at the school gates as you came to collect your new home learning packs this week; I am certainly missing seeing you all everyday! 

I have been busy in school getting all the new home learning packs ready, calling your families and planning your new home learning timetable (as well a few walks in the sunshine, planting seedlings, lots of baking and sharing books and sleeping in a tent in my garden with my youngest son!). 

What has taken up lots of my time, which has been truly fantastic, is answering all your messages and looking at all the work you have submitted in Google Classroom or sent via email.  You have all impressed me with how you are trying your best to continue with your learning whilst at home and also hearing how you have been helping your grown-ups, you are superstars… and to celebrate this I have been sending stars out for fabulous work – see how many you can collect over the next few weeks! 

It was hard to choose just a few pieces of work to upload here as there has been so many great pieces sent in: from awesome lego builds to pictures of home baking; from creative pobble writes to maths calculations; from research projects to art work.  I selected just a few and will upload more in the weeks to come.

Stay safe, keep trying your best and be kind to yourself and to others.

Mrs Bowles






Weekly Learning Overview: week commencing 13 April 2020

Class3 weekly overview_week1_wc13Apr

All the resources you require that are listed in this plan are in Class 3 Google Classroom for the children to download and view.

You don’t have to print out the work to complete; view it online and then write the answers into your exercise book.  Just remember to add the date and give your work a title so I know which piece of work the answers are related to.

Any questions or if you are stuck then please message me in google classroom and I’ll get back to you.  Remember to share any work you’ve completed by attaching it to the assigned task and submitting it to me (instructions on how to do this under parents/home learning on this website) or take a picture and send me the photo.  Happy learning!


Friday 27th March 2020

Book themed ideas and links

Visit the world of David Walliams for lots of his book themed adventures and activities, including links to recordings of him reading his books.

For Harry Potter fans there is now a ‘Harry Potter at home’ website bringing you lots of Harry Potter activities, crafts, quizzes and plenty more.

You can borrow ebooks and audio books from the library, visit their website to find out how.

How many challenges have you completed from your World Book Day challenge sheet in your home learning packs? Once you’ve completed your book reviews please add them to our google classroom with your recommendation for others.

Rather than stories maybe explore some poetry – reading poem and writing some of your own.  BBC bitesize has some excellent learning guides on everything from limericks to rhyming and acrostic poems.


Wednesday 25th March 2020

STEM Learning

A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) website I use has opened up it’s resources to all those learning at home for free.

They have resources for primary through to post-16 learners, subject experts on hand through webchat to answer any questions and great ideas for family activities.

Here is their ‘Starter for STEM’: ten activities that parents can use at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. These activities are easy-to-resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them.



Virtual Tours

Whilst stuck inside there is no reason why we can’t broaden our horizons thanks to the amazing technology we have at our fingertips. Here are links to a few virtual tours you might like to try:

This site allows you to track the International Space Station and find when it might next be passing overhead!


Pobble Daily Writes

Each day in class we complete a daily write using a Pobble picture as our inspiration.  Sometimes we’ll give the children a ‘story starter’ to give them some ideas and at other times we’ll ask them to just use their imagination and write a story, poem, nonfiction fact file, setting or character description – the choice is theirs. I have included several of these Pobble pictures along with their story starters, questions and sentences to improve in their home learning packs, however, if you run out you can access the Pobble website yourself for free. Choose a picture you’d like to write about and if you scroll down you’ll find the story starter and sentences for improving.


Monday 23rd March 2020 – SMC School Community Diary

Message from Mrs Dudman:

‘We are all experiencing a period of time that will go down in history and we would like to capture the experiences and thoughts of members of our school family at this unique time. Therefore, we ask that children and family members start a diary and write a few sentences (or more) into their diary each day – you could do this alongside your child. The staff will be doing this too! When we return to school we would like to collate extracts from these diaries with the aim of producing an SMC School Community Diary that can be shared with future generations.’


Parent letter and suggested timetable

Home learning timetable 22.03.2020

Parent letter – Home learning and suggested timetable


Friday 20th March 2020 – Mindfulness and keeping active

In these uncertain times it’s important for us all, adults and children alike, to look after both our physical and mental health.

Try to get some physical activity everyday, outside in the fresh air if possible, if this is not an option you could log on to the GoNoodle site that we use in school – it contains guided dance routines, yoga stretches and mindfulness sessions and has now been unlocked for parents to use to0 –  log into 

Take time to look after your mental health also, ask the children if they can recall some of the mindfulness breathing techniques we practised in class during our mental and wellbeing learning experience back at the start of the year.  Take time to complete mindfulness colouring pages or to try some of the mindfulness and breathing techniques we have uploaded to our google classrooms.

Most of all be kind to yourselves and take care of each other.


Wednesday 18th March 2020 – Home Learning

I am currently putting together home learning packs for everyone to take home and for those of you that are already at home self-isolating you are not forgotten, we will be bringing these to you as soon as we can.  I will also be posting ideas and useful weblinks, etc on here frequently in addition to assignments and questions in our google classrooms so please visit these often.  For now here is a useful social story that you could share with your children if they are feeling anxious about the current situation.

The-Corona-Virus Social Story



Accelerated Reader is now open for children to quiz on at home the website address is in their home learning packs, along with their login and password in case they’ve forgotten them.  Once logged in they can also read stories online and then quiz on them, just click on the ‘Accelerated Reader Articles’ orange button on the home page.

Free online book sites:

You have to create an account and login for this website but it is completely free and lots of the books are in AR:

Here is another site that offers free online books to read:


Reading Challenge KS2

Literacy apps 



3 February 2020 – English

Having now completed our own fictional portal stories, we have moved onto our next text with the aim of writing to persuade.  Inspired by the Alex Ryder series of books, in particular a chapter where the teenage spy gets his first set of spy gadgets, we looked at 2 different advert-style texts that were trying to persuade us to buy their latest technological developments.  We’ve been immersing ourselves in the art of persuasion (ask your children about the snowman and the lion) and the world of spy gadgets and are ready to start innovating the text to try and use the tools we’ve learnt to create a persuasive advert for our very own invention – a ‘state-of-the-art’ spy pen!


27 January 2020 – Book corner revamp

The class were most excited this morning to see our revamped book corner that I’d been working on over the weekend.  We now have a chalkboard backing display for quotes and book recommendations, forward facing shelves so the children can see clearly what’s on offer and some fairy lights just to make it all twinkle!  I’ll swap the books around every few weeks keeping favourites on offer and putting up new ones – this will include those that were kindly sponsored by parents last year for my class ensuring they are in pride of place #loveofreading.

16 January 2020 – BBC 500 Word Live Lesson

Today we took part in the live lesson for the BBC 500 word 2020 story competition launch.

Designed to spark the imaginations of children aged 5 – 13 and encourage us to create new and original stories, this live, interactive programme was hosted by BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show host Zoe Ball, CBBC’s Rhys Stephenson and Hacker T Dog.  They were joined by 500 Words Judges, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Charlie Higson and Francesca Simon who provided us with their top tips and advice on how to start our own 500 Words stories.  The closing date for entries is Thursday 27th February.  Alongside the BBC 500 word competition we are going to be holding our own in class competition.  Good luck to all our budding authors!


14 January 2020 – Times Table Rock Stars

We have now launched Times Table Rock Stars, a program to help us practice our times tables recall at speed.  The class were most excited to get started, especially when they realised that they could challenge me on my times tables too!  The program has been set to give the children an area to practice those times tables that are currently their targets (garage area), but also areas where they can be challenged on all their times tables up to 12 x 12 (studio and sound check areas).  Children can log on and practice as much as they like at home, but we have asked that they try to do this at least 3 times a week; we’ll also use this in school alongside our Big Maths Beat That and other times table lessons.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020


Maths – Multiplication

We have been learning about multiplication and have started with creating our own arrays, then using place value counters in grids, before swiftly moving on to formal methods of multiplication.


December – Advent Wreath

We were lucky to have one of our parishioners to come into school to help the children make our Advent wreath that will then be blessed as part of our Advent mass with Father Sonny.


English – The Time-Slip Scarab

Inspired by the Stone Age cave in our class room (that we had wondered whether it would take us back to the Stone Age if we went inside it) we have now moved on to looking at portal stories and were amazed at how many different portal stories we already knew.  We’ve been creating text maps and learning the text of the The Time-Slip Scarab by Pie Corbett in preparation for eventually writing our own portal stories.  Here is the class actin out our new story:

14 November 2019 – Devon Fire Service Talk

Today we welcomed Janice from the Devon Fire Service who talked us through how to make an emergency telephone call, what to do if there was a fire at home and how to create a home escape plan, the importance of not making a hoax call and a reminder about the STOP, DROP and ROLL procedure.  The children enjoyed the visit especially looking at the protective uniform and equipment the firefighters wear.  Look out for the fire safety booklets the children were given to bring home.

11 November 2019 – Remembrance Day

We commemorated Remembrance Day with the whole school in our Act of Worship assembly, we used a piece of art work (photograph below) to inspire our Pobble writing for the day and installed our red ribbons with our prayers of thanks and remembrance in our school prayer space.


8 November 2019 – Anti-bullying #wearblueday

Everyone came to school today in blue clothes to raise awareness of bullying and support the anti-bullying campaign.  In class we considered what bullying is and what it isn’t, using the STOP acronym as a reminder – Several Times On Purpose.  We also considered the different forms bullying can take and what we could all do if we felt we were experiencing bullying or witnessed unkind behaviour or bullying happening to others.  We all agreed that bullying is not tolerated in our school and that together we can put a stop to it.


4 November 2019 – Mental Maths

After completing maths learning blocks on place value, Roman numerals, formal methods of addition and subtraction, rounding and estimating we are now working on our mental maths skills.  Learning different ways to ensure we all have rapid recall of our number bond facts and how to mentally add and subtract 3, 4 and 5 digit numbers.  Also recapping doubling and halving of larger numbers – using known number facts to help us.  Please support your children’s learning at home through encouraging and questioning them on their number facts, doubling and halving and as always their times tables – thank you.


28 October 2019 – English

After completing our encounter stories in English, we had a focus week on poetry – with the aim of creating playful poems with ambitious vocabulary, personification and the use of abstract nouns.  We have now started a block on non-fiction writing; with the aim of creating information texts about creatures (real or imaginary), we’ve been using an information text about a Tree Giant as our inspiration.  Here are some pictures of the class creating their text maps and acting the text to help them learn the structure and vocabulary used, ready to then create our own.


10 October 2019  – #helloyellow

In support of World Mental Health Day this 10 October we all wore something yellow – raising funds for YoungMinds and raising awareness of mental ill health.  In our afternoon classes we continued with our health and wellbeing learning experience and took part in mindfulness activities and discussed what we can do to keep our minds healthy.


3 October 2019 – National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day we started the day using our Pobble picture to inspire us to write poems.  After collecting vocabulary about the picture we worked together as a class to create a shared write poem; everyone then went on to write their own poetry.  We also shared and read poetry during our DEAR time.

Our class shared poem and the picture inspiration is below and I think you’ll agree the vocabulary and the emotion it evokes are powerful.  Well done Class 3!


The sweet aroma of flowers filled the air,
Blinding sunlight,
Deer roaming free,
Path of destiny meanders through the lush landscape,
Sunflowers standing proud,
The stench of pollution filled the air,
Suffocating creation,
A vulture waiting for death,
The forbidden path crumbling it’s way through the desolate landscape,
Factory towers standing tall,

20 September 2019 – Music

The children were extremely excited to have their first music lesson today.  In this first block of lessons the whole class will be learning to play the ukulele with our specialist music teacher; these lessons will take place every Friday morning.  They all did so fabulously, we definitely have some budding musicians within our midst.


5 September 2019 – Collaboration

In our classroom we are all about working together to succeed; here are some photos of the children completing their team challenges.  They all showed excellent communication skills and resilience – well done class 3.

September 2019 – Welcome to Class 3

I have the pleasure of teaching your children every morning for maths, English, spellings and reading.

This half term we have started our maths learning with place value, rounding and working with negative numbers.  We will continue to practice our times tables and mental maths skills in class, with a Big Maths Beat That challenge every Thursday – ask your children about this; they love it!

In English we are writing to entertain – fiction story writing – using a short text called Little Vixen Street as our model, aiming to complete the block with writing our own ‘encounter’ stories.  We have started our spellings with reminding ourselves about homophones and will be commencing our Read Write Inc (RWI) spelling program soon.

Once a week during our DEAR (drop everything and read) time the children will read with me as part of a guided group focusing on our comprehension and inference skills, during this time throughout the rest of the week they will have the opportunity to read independently, take the Accelerated Reader quiz on their completed books and read 1:1 with an adult.

How you can help support their learning at home?

Please support your child’s learning at home by listening to them read and discussing what they have read with them, asking questions, etc.  Please then record this in their homework diaries.  Every few weeks I will put a different reading focus with example questions into their homework diaries so please look out for these.

Practise their spelling with them – new spellings will come home every Friday to be returned and tested on the following Friday.

Please continue to practise their times tables and mental maths skills with them so they can become truely fluent.

They will also receive homework from their afternoon classes to support their learning in these subjects.

Every Friday I collect homework diaries in to check their reading at home progress and add their spelling test scores.

Thank you for your continued support, Mrs Bowles.