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Home Learners Newsletter 5.6.20

Week beginning – 18.5.20

Well Class 4, you’ll be pleased to hear that next week is officially ‘half term’ so you are allowed to have a week off. As a result of this, there will be no daily challenges on Google Classroom and no new Weekly Overview so don’t think that I have forgotten.

Our challenges this week started with a fun activity in the form of a Doodle competition. I really loved the photos that you shared with me of your efforts to draw the same picture as your partner. I even had a go myself and I wasn’t very good! We also had some great maths challenges involving reasoning and I was particularly impressed with those of you who managed to reach the Target Number on Thursday. Some of you were also very quick to find the 9 letter word on the Word Wheel.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the adults at home (and brothers and sisters), who have got involved in these daily challenges.  It’s really lovely to think that for some of you, this has become a real family event. I believe some of you adults are also getting quite competitive!

This week has marked the end of our Learning Experience – Location, Location, Location. You still have time to try and complete your Passport Challenges though and then ‘tick them off’ on your Challenge Passport. This geographical knowledge will be really useful as you transfer to your new schools. You also still have time to complete the Location, Location, Location Quiz to see what you can remember about the UK, Europe and The Rest of the World. Don’t forget to share them with me or upload them to Google Classroom. Your Board Games designs are coming along nicely too and I hope that you get a chance to actually play them at some point because many of you have put a lot of thought and planning into them.

I know that some of you have experienced difficulties sharing your Shadow Puppet videos. Please don’t delete them as I’m sure that we will find a solution to this problem and I’m desperate to see them. Mrs Bowles is still on the case. I did, however, receive a great ‘Wiggle’ video. Who would have thought that the beach could be such a great spot for a bit of ‘Wiggling’!

Maths this week focused on the revision of Fractions – your favourite area of maths everyone as we know! It was a great opportunity to consolidate your previous learning and I hope that you enjoyed using the Oak National Academy website to support you.

I have loved receiving your Country Fact Files this week. They have covered countries from all around the world and I learnt many interesting facts that I didn’t already know. Thank you for informing me so eloquently.

Hopefully, next week’s weather will be kind to us all and that we get the opportunity to enjoy some of our beautiful ‘Location, Location, Location’. Remember to take care in the sun and wear those hats.

Keep smiling,

Mrs Callaghan


Week beginning – 11.5.20

Well done Class 4, for getting through the last 5 days.  I didn’t really want to mention it before now… but this week (under normal circumstances), you would have just finished taking your SATs!!! What a strange situation we find ourselves in! I’m sure that in some ways, many of you are relieved. However, I just like to say that I think you all would have ‘smashed them’.

Our daily challenges this week started off with building a tall free-standing tower out of household items. Many of you took this task really seriously although I was a little worried that some of your houses had been turned upside down in your attempts to find suitable balancing material.  I’d just like to thank the adults at home for being patient with that one! Our tallest tower stood well over 2m high. So… well done to the winner and you know who you are.

Other challenges this week have included a tough maths problem, which kept a lot of you thinking for a while: playing around with superlatives and a Name the European Countries quiz. I have to say that a couple of you were brilliant at the last one and I think that one of you might have known them all (or nearly all) without looking any of them up! Amazing!

The highlight of the week for me has to be our Year 6 Zoom meeting planned for Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. I am writing this newsletter comment on Thursday so I’d just like to say (as I haven’t seen you all yet), delete as appropriate. ‘It will be/was* wonderful to see all your smiling faces and even though we are/were* only together ‘virtually’ it is going to be/was* a very special moment”. You are all stars!

Europe has been a focus for our Learning Experience this week and you have completed some excellent work on latitude and longitude and time zones. This geographical knowledge is really going to help you as you transfer to your new schools. Not many of you got around to making any shadow puppets but one video I received, had me in stitches! It involved a tale about a rabbit and a tortoise!

Maths this week was mainly revision based on adding and subtracting large numbers. I was hoping that you were all still efficient calculators and I wasn’t disappointed. The SATs Arithmetic Pater this week would have been a doddle!

I did receive more writing than I have been previously after last week’s request but I still need more. If we were in school right now, you know what I would say about your spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting. Don’t forget all of these important things, when you share your work with me. I also worry that some of you have a ‘ruler monster’ in your houses as straight lines seem few and far between!!! I’m joking!

The week after next is officially half-term so let’s hope that the weather continues to be kind to us all now that we have a little more freedom. Make sure that you make the most of it if you can.

Still missing you all.

Mrs Callaghan


Week beginning – 4.5.20

Class 4, yet again I’d like to say a huge well done for all those of you who have taken part in our Daily Challenges this week. There have only been 4 challenges due to the Bank Holiday but you have been messaging me constantly with your answers and this gives me and hopefully you, a real feeling of being a class unit. It would be lovely if we could get everyone in Class 4 involved. Maybe some of you could drop a few hints to those who we’ve not seen on Google Classroom for a while.

I loved our ‘battle’ on Timestables Rockstars against Class 3. I was able keep up with the scores online and it was great fun. At the time of writing, it is still very close!! On behalf of us all, I’d like to say a big thank to Mrs Bowles for setting it all up.

I know that some of you have trouble logging onto TTR from time to time but I’m sure that this is only due to the numbers of students from many different schools, trying to log in all at once. If you do have problems, it’s probably best to log in later in the day.

The UK has been a focus for our Learning Experience this week and I have been really impressed with some of your Power-point presentations about Seas and Rivers. You included some amazing facts and really useful supporting diagrams. There are still some of you who haven’t had a go at the Passport Challenges. If you haven’t got around to them yet, the maps are still on Google Classroom under Home Learning Packs.

I have received many photos of your work this week including adding and subtracting decimals, some impressive punctuation and grammar, models of space rockets and some beautifully designed celebration bunting to name a few. I have also seen one or two of your Super Teddy competition entries. Some more writing next week would be lovely though.

I hope that you have had an opportunity to watch the staff video, My Lighthouse on the school’s Facebook page. We all had so much fun recording it for you and I hope that it brought a smile to your faces. Isn’t Mr Zaki amazing?

Next week, we are trying to organise a Class 4 Zoom get together. Mrs Gill will be letting you know when this is going to be. It would be lovely to see as many of you there as possible.

Still missing you all.

Mrs Callaghan

Week beginning – 27.4.20

Class 4, you have been amazing this week. The number of you, who have signed into Google Classroom at 10 a.m. for the daily challenges, has been really fantastic. We were up to 60 comments on Thursday and 16 of you sent me your answers to the paper dropping challenge.

However, you managed to ‘outdo’ yourselves today (Friday 1st May). 175 comments on our Catchphrase Name the Country challenge. Wow! I realise that Kampuchea is no longer a country and is actually part of Cambodia but… what can I say? 5 of you actually found out that information as part of the challenge – so well done. Many of you were really resilient and the 5 minute challenge lasted 1.5 hours!

You have also been ‘climbing’ imaginary rigging, naming sea creatures, hunting right angles and carrying out scientific experiments. I love the Class Stream between 10 and 11 a.m. (especially today) as it gives me chance to catch up with you all. Make sure that you are there next week for some more challenges.

The Golden Hind has been the focus for our Learning Experience this week. Many of you have sent me photos of your sketches of this magnificent ship together with labelled diagrams of its deck plans. I have also received one or two fantastic newspaper reports. I’d really like some more writing from you next week please – not just the ‘usual few’!

Map work has been a real focus this week and you are gradually ticking off many of the Passport Challenges. You have been naming the Continents and Oceans of the World and plotting the route of The Golden Hind. If you haven’t done this already, try to give it a go. The Maps are on Google Classroom under Home Learning Packs. Next week, we’re going to be extending our knowledge of The United Kingdom.

I am still awaiting some photos of your Golden Hind models as I write this and I have to say another big ‘Thank you’ to everyone at home, who is continuing to support you with your Home Learning. I love receiving your photos (and videos) and some of your work folders are fit to burst. I was even sent a lovely recipe for Butter Shortbread earlier in the week. I still haven’t had time to make it yet but I will do over the weekend. Thank you to the people involved in getting it to me.

Still missing your smiley faces.

Mrs Callaghan


Week beginning – 20.4.20

Year 6’s have really taken on the Location, Location, Location, Learning Experience this week with enthusiasm.  I have received many wonderful street maps of their walking routes (some even pin-pointing the location of large, noisy dogs!); lots of written evidence and Power-point presentations about the arrival of Spring and many correctly labelled maps of the British Isles. I am also really impressed by the number of parents/carers who are emailing me photographic evidence of the children’s Home Learning. Their work files are overflowing with lovely images of their hard work.

A thank you must go to many of you who have actually helped me with my meal choices this week. The ones that I have made so far from your fantastic favourite meal recipes, have been really yummy!

Just remember to keep messaging me on Google Classroom to let me know how you are getting on.

I have added some more photos of the work I have received this week for you to have a look at, including some of your favourite meals.

Still missing you all.

Mrs Callaghan

Week beginning – 13.4.20

It was really lovely to see some of Class 4 (from a distance) at the school gate over the last couple of days, whilst collecting their new Home Learning packs. I miss their smiley faces.

Also, I am continuing to be impressed with the way in which the children have engaged in their Home Learning this week. Google Classroom has been particularly busy and some children even sent me work through their Easter break. The amount of work coming in has been exceptional and it has been lovely to see the variety of ways in which the children have shared their learning. I have read beautiful stories, seen amazing videos, been educated with some fantastic Power-point presentations and been wowed by the artistic talents of some of our children. All this and maths and Pobble writes as well.

I have added photos of some of the work I have received this week for you to have a look at.

Keep up the great work. You are all Stars!

Mrs Callaghan

Week beginning –  23.3.20

I would like to say how impressed I have been already with the way in which Year 6 have embraced their home learning.

It has been really wonderful to read their comments about the learning they have been doing and to receive their work on Google Classroom.

Just remember to sign on to Google Classroom as often as you can.

I will upload some of your work from time to time so that you can see how everyone is doing. Here’s something to get us started and well done to the author.

Is this persuasive, informative or entertaining?

‘This hotel is probably one of the best hotels you will ever go to. Vogue Hotel has lots of fun activities to do, including waterslides, a spa and also gym facilities. At night time, the ferris wheel turns on and the coloured lights will dazzle you with their brightness. Next to the ferris wheel, there are hotel rooms that are immaculately clean and lots of tourists love to visit there. Impressively, there are also three ballrooms and many other fun activities to do including laser tag, swimming at the beach and arcade facilities. Did I mention that there is a dinosaur park? Well, if you ever have the bravery to come, you will have the best experience! When you get hungry, you can visit our large food area with lots of different styles of food. From pasta to pizza, you name it, we have it. Our food area is located next to our designer Gucci store and our two glass elevators. Book your reservations now at +90 252 530 0031.’

Keep up all your hard work and keep smiling.

Mrs Callaghan