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24 June 2019 – Reading, inference skills

To help progress our reading comprehension skills further we have been in our guided reading groups focusing on improving our inference skills; the ability to ‘read between the lines’ to help us understand things that have not been directly stated by the author.  Here is a section of text below with some example questions, can you infer the answers?

Opening night

Tim took another deep breath. Inside his chest, he could feel his heart pounding like a bass drum. Again, he took slow, deep breaths and picked up his script. Flicking through the pages, he read through his lines quietly to himself, mumbling under his breath. All his hard work over the last few months had been for tonight. Crossing his fingers tightly, he wished for good luck.

“Tim, are you ready? You’re on in 2 minutes,” said Mr. Smith.

“I think so, Sir,” said Tim in a shaky voice.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, Tim. Break a leg!”

Slowly, Tim stood up and made his way towards the heavy, red velvet curtain. He pulled it to the side and stepped through.

Inference style questions:

  1. How do you think Tim is feeling at the beginning of the text?  Explain how you know?
  2. What do you think Tim is waiting to do?
  3. Who do you think Mr. Smith is?
  4. Do you think “Opening Night” is a good title? Why?
  5. If you had to give this text a different title, what would you call it?


7 June 2019 – Maths

We have been making great progress with our maths learning having recently completed blocks on time and position and direction where we looked at coordinates, translations and reflections, we are now looking at shapes and angles.  Learning how to draw and measure angles confidently with a protractor and calculating angles using our knowledge of shapes and their angles.  As always continuing with our mental maths and times tables practice.


3 June 2019 – Welcome to our class pets

For the past few weeks we have had some little creatures in our class; aqua dragons or to give them their proper scientific name, Artemia Salina, tiny water creatures from the crustacea family.  To add to these we now have some stick insects too, thanks to Gracie’s kind donation to our class.  Gracie is starting to train up others to look after them and we’ll soon have a pet rota in place so everyone gets a chance to care for them.  There has also been much excitement over what we like to call our class pets but are actually the seagulls on the KS1 building roof, we have been keeping a close watch as the baby seagulls recently hatched and are now walking round exploring the roof top.

20 May 2019 – English

Having finished our quest stories, where the children’s writing exceed my expectations in both quality and quantity (well done class 4 authors!), we are just completing our second narrative block writing to entertain our readers with a warning story.  Our main characters end up in some kind of disaster because they did not listen to a warning that they really should have taken heed of.  These stories are not only starting to appear in Pobble, taking pride of place on our writing wall but they are also being entered into a local writing competition for year 5 students – watch this space for the winner to be announced soon!


8 May 2019 – PE, Tennis

We have all been working on improving our tennis skills in our latest PE lessons, from learning the correct grip and ready position to how to correctly complete fore and backhand passes.  We’ve then moved on to improving the accuracy of our passes and how to return them successfully.  Everyone has made great progress and really enjoyed learning a new skill.  Next we are going to move onto putting this altogether to play rally and play games.


1 May 2019 – Art Learning Experience

For our next learning experience we are focusing on art – improving our drawing techniques and skills and analysing the work of a particular artist.  Class 4 have been exploring the work of Paul Cezanne, examining his still-life paintings, learning about his life and the techniques he used.  In our new art sketch books this week we have learnt about the different grades of pencils, how to use cross-hatching and blending to give us tone and shade, noticing where the light source touches the object and how to use an objects basic shapes to help us sketch it.


23 April 2019 – Quest Stories

This week we have been writing our own quest stories following our model text Wolf Brother and I have been impressed with both the children’s quantity and quality of writing.  We have been learning how to create cohesion between paragraphs, add atmosphere through description using personification and include speech in balance with the description and action.  As always working on including ambitious vocabulary throughout.  Keep a look out on Pobble for a few of the final versions.  Well done Class 4.


25 March 2019 – Skipping Workshop

Today we had immense fun and learnt new skills as we participated in a skipping workshop.  We learnt how to skip forwards, backwards, with partners, double jump skips and also how to do arm wraps with skips in between.  By the end of the session we had all made progress with our skipping ability, were exhausted and realised what great exercise skipping is!

15 March 2019 – Fabulous Fractions

We are just coming to the end of our recent maths learning block covering fractions, decimals and percentages; these are essential maths skills that apply to many different problem solving and real-life situations and key for children to master before progressing to Year 6.  The children have shown excellent resilience, taking each new challenge in their stride and all making progress over the last few weeks.  Well done Class 4.

7 March 2019 – World Book Day

What a fantastic day with the children looking amazing in their book character costumes.  We celebrated throughout the day with a special assembly followed by a class swap so we could share our favourite books with our book buddies and listen to each other read.  In the afternoon we joined the BBC’s special World Book Day live lesson with authors Rob Biddolf, Cressida Cowell and Malorie Blackman, each sharing some helpful top tips for inspiring us to write our own stories.  We also launched our Sponsored Read that will run for the next 3 weeks, with all money raised going towards buying new books for our library.  Happy reading everyone!


25 February 2019 – Poetry

Since returning from half term and completing our portal stories involving St Lucia we have moved our learning on to studying poetry.  We have started by exploring different poems and pulling them apart, exploring the vocabulary and structure the author has chosen and what effect this has on the reader.  All children will have written their own poems by next Friday where they shall perform them to the rest of the class, focusing on their intonation, flow and expression.

7 February 2019 – BBC Radio 2: 500 word story competition

Today Class 4 joined thousands of children across the UK to take part in the BBC Radio 2’s 500 word story competition live lesson with authors Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Charlie Higson and Elys Dolan, to mark the launch of this years competition.  The authors shared tips, answered questions and wrote a whole 500 word story during the lesson; collecting ideas from the children taking part in their own schools around the country who emailed their ideas into the team during the lesson.  The children absolutely loved it and came away with lots of ideas and inspiration to write their own 500 word stories for the competition.

If the children would like to enter the competition they can submit their 500 word story to me by 1 March and I will type them up and enter them online by the closing date of Friday 8th March; they will also be submitted into our class competition for the most original story.


1 February 2019 – NSPCC Number Day

We had a fabulous maths morning this Friday as part of the NSPCC number day.  We practised our times tables through singing them along to pop songs and completed mental maths challenges.  After that, our challenges involved building on our recent fraction learning:  we coloured ‘kites’ calculating the fraction, decimal and percentage of each colour we had used (watch this space for a final picture of these); then working in small teams we added fractions to a giant number line putting into practice our equivalent fraction and our fractions of quantities knowledge.  A ‘numbertastic’ morning was had by all!


17 January 2019 – Happy New Year!

Since our return after the Christmas break we have finished writing our contraption explanation texts based on the fabulous Wallace and Gromit Cracking Contraptions and have moved onto our next text, a narrative, ‘The Time-Slip Scarab’.  This is a portal story featuring a girl who finds herself transported to ancient Egypt whilst on a school trip to her local museum.  We are going to link our own portal stories to our geography learning from our afternoon classes and incorporate St Lucia into our final write in a few weeks time.  In maths we have completed our learning on multiplication and division and will be moving onto our next topic of fractions, whilst continuing to practice their essential core mental maths skills including their times tables.


2 November 2018 – Volcanoes

Following on from our narrative writing back in September, where we used the Escape from Pompeii book as our model text, the children were so inspired by the topic that we have continued our learning by studying volcanoes; resulting this week in the children completing a volcano fact sheet.  Through this writing the children have been learning to write in the 3rd person, to sound like an expert by using ambitious and technical vocabulary and also using brackets to include extra information.  Finally, ensuring the structural features of their writing is suitable for non-narrative texts with paragraphs, headings, sub-headings and bullet points.  Many of their first drafts have been published on Pobble and once completed I’ll be adding a few more so please log on and have a look.