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Friday 17th April 2020 – Home Learning Update

Although we are now working in our morning classes whilst we are learning at home I wanted to share some of the fabulous work that was completed by lots of you before the Easter holidays.  Unfortunately, it won’t let me share some of the presentations that lots of you have created for me, but here are a few of the others pieces of work I had received.  Well done to you all – superstars!


Friday 27th March 2020 – ICT

Whilst learning at home why not use your time to gain some new ICT skills:

  • Learn how to touch type using all your fingers like a professional:
  • Remind yourself of how to stay safe when online and our eSafety SMART rules by following Kara, Winston and the SMART crew:  You could then create a poster or leaflet on how to stay safe online for other children.
  • Learn how to do basic programing using scratch to create interactive stories, games and animations.  This site has tutorials that takes your through step by step to learn how to code.
  • Choose a topic of your choice and create a google slide to tell me all about it.  It could be anything from your favourite animal, football team or somewhere you’ve been on holiday. Can you change the type of font size and colour, can you add pictures or drawings, can you include bullet points or other text effects.  Once complete please share it with me so I can learn all about your chosen subject.


Wednesday 25th March 2020


The CAFOD website has some fabulous home learning resources now available that you might like to explore.  It includes: a Kids Zone with fun games, films, prayers and activities for children; a resource pack for the week and children’s prayers and reflections.


Art & Craft

Don’t forget to be creative whilst learning at home; hopefully you have all started using your sketch books.  Here are some other links to online art and craft demonstrations that you might like to visit:

A behind the scenes look at online animation, PIxar in a Box:


STEM Learning

A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) website I use has opened up it’s resources to all those learning at home for free.

They have resources for primary through to post-16 learners, subject experts on hand through webchat to answer any questions and great ideas for family activities.

Here is their ‘Starter for STEM’: ten activities that parents can use at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. These activities are easy-to-resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them.



Virtual Tours

Whilst stuck inside there is no reason why we can’t broaden our horizons thanks to the amazing technology we have at our fingertips. Here are links to a few virtual tours you might like to try:

This site allows you to track the International Space Station and find when it might next be passing overhead!


Monday 23rd March 2020 – SMC School Community Diary

Message from Mrs Dudman:

‘We are all experiencing a period of time that will go down in history and we would like to capture the experiences and thoughts of members of our school family at this unique time. Therefore, we ask that children and family members start a diary and write a few sentences (or more) into their diary each day – you could do this alongside your child. The staff will be doing this too! When we return to school we would like to collate extracts from these diaries with the aim of producing an SMC School Community Diary that can be shared with future generations.’


Friday 20th March 2020 – Mindfulness and keeping active

In these uncertain times it’s important for us all, adults and children alike, to look after both our physical and mental health.

Try to get some physical activity everyday, outside in the fresh air if possible, if this is not an option you could log on to the GoNoodle site that we use in school – it contains guided dance routines, yoga stretches and mindfulness sessions and has now been unlocked for parents to use to0 – log into

Take time to look after your mental health also, ask the children if they can recall some of the mindfulness breathing techniques we practised in class during our mental and wellbeing learning experience back at the start of the year.  Take time to complete mindfulness colouring pages or to try some of the mindfulness and breathing techniques we have uploaded to our google classrooms.

Most of all be kind to yourselves and take care of each other.


Wednesday 18th March 2020 – Home Learning

I am currently putting together home learning packs for everyone to take home and for those of you that are already at home self-isolating you are not forgotten, we will be bringing these to you as soon as we can.  I will also be posting ideas and useful weblinks, etc on here frequently in addition to assignments and questions in our google classrooms so please visit these often.  For now here is a useful social story that you could share with your children if they are feeling anxious about the current situation.

The-Corona-Virus Social Story



7 February 2020 – Environment Agency Visit

Today we had an exciting opportunity to work with the Environment Agency on how plastics are affecting our planet and wildlife.  The children impressed our visitors with their already vast knowledge and passion thanks to our Caring for our Common Home learning experience last year and all the work done by our Eco-Committee.  At the end of the session the children all made pledges about what they could do to help the environment from using less single-use plastics to reusable water bottles, supporting our school recycling hub by bringing in recyclable items from home to doing a beach clean.


3 February 2020 – Science

Following on from our Stone Age learning we have started our new learning experience – Science Investigators: Electricity.  We started by investigating various different electrical appliances, cells, battery controlled toys and torches noticing the similarities and differences and working out exactly what the electricity was doing.  In our next lesson we moved on to making simple circuits, where everyone literally had a ‘light bulb’ moment and they managed to use the equipment provided to make their bulb light.


27 January 2020 – Book corner revamp

The class were most excited this morning to see our revamped book corner that I’d been working on over the weekend.  We now have a chalkboard backing display for quotes and book recommendations, forward facing shelves so the children can see clearly what’s on offer and some fairy lights just to make it all twinkle!  I’ll swap the books around every few weeks keeping favourites on offer and putting up new ones – this will include those that were kindly sponsored by parents last year for my class ensuring they are in pride of place #loveofreading.



21 January 2020 – Kents Cavern Trip

Today we had an amazing visit to Kents Cavern to finish off our learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age time period.  The children enjoyed a tour of the caves learning how they were formed, who lived within them and how they lived (ask them about the hibernating bears!), completed a Stone Age trail through their woodland walk and finally were able to handle Stone Age artefacts and replica skulls and trialed Stone Age activities.  All the children were enthralled throughout the whole day and the tour guides commented on their excellent knowledge and lovely manners.  Well done Dolphins!




13 January 2020 – Bigbury Archaeologist Visit

We welcomed to Dolphin class today Mandy an archaeologist with the Bigbury Dig team. As well as telling us all about the Bigbury dig site and how they decide where to dig from looking at maps, aerial photos and geophysical analysis of the site, Mandy brought along her tools and some artifacts for us to look at.  It was amazing to learn all about a site where Iron Age to Roman artifacts have been found so close to where we live.


RE – Epiphany

To celebrate Ephiphany we recounted the Christmas story focusing on the visit of the Kings.  We thought about the gifts that they brought to the baby Jesus and their significance.  We then turned out thoughts to the gifts that God has given to us and how we can use these gifts to help others.  Mrs Bowles also made us an Epiphany cake which we shared in class to find out who found the ‘king’ in their piece of cake and so could be king for the afternoon – green table and James was the lucky winner!


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020!


RE – Advent

During our RE lessons we have been learning how we prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ during Advent, this has included learning about the Jesse Tree and Jesus’ ancestors.  We have been sharing these passages from the Bible and then hanging the Jesse Tree decorations onto the Jesse Tree on our alter.


17 December 2019 – Winter Wonderland Christmas Market

What a fabulous Christmas Market – the children were amazing at selling our products and explaining how we had created them all.  A huge thank you to everyone who came to support us – we made an outstanding £99.70 profit (which I’ve made up to £100).  Using our British value of democracy the class voted on which charity they would like to donate to and whether they would like to give 25%, 50% or 100% of the money to charity and whatever was left over would be spent on our class.  The children all had a piece of paper to cast their vote on and after folding it place it within our ballot box.  The children voted to give 100% of the money raised to the Children’s Hospice South West – well done guys, so proud of you all!



December 2019 – Winter Wonderland, Dragons Den Challenge

We’ve put our history learning on hold to now focus on our Dragons Den Challenge – can we produce something for sale at our Winter Wonderland Christmas Market in 3 weeks time!  After completing research into different products we set our own design criteria, wanting to create something from recycled materials, something personal and ‘Christmassy’.  We created our own designs and then started our making – cooking and baking, working with clay – learning how to roll and mould, painting and decorating pine cones and finally origami paper candles.




November 2019 – Stone Age Learning

We have enjoyed immensely our learning about the Stone Age and the children were so excited to share it with their families and grown ups during our celebration of learning event.

Stone Age cave painting and creating our own Cave of Hands; like the Cueva de las Manos in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina:



Making Stone Age fruit stew:


25 November 2019 – Stone Age Cave Update

We have been amazed to find over the last few weeks that our Stone Age cave has been changing and things have been appearing.  First we found some what looked like muddy hand prints on the edges of the cave entrance and then today we came in to find the remains of a fire, with wood ash and charcoal, and what looked like animal bones!  What can be leaving these things behind?


13 November 2019 – Stone Age Artifacts

We have continued our learning about the Stone Age considering how we know about this time period considering it happened so long ago.  We started by exploring what was in the classroom bin – how could we find out what had happened in the classroom that morning by looking at what had been left behind.  From what we found we were able to make deductions about what the people in the classroom had eaten, been doing and what resources they had available.  We then turned our attention to the cave that had appeared in the back of our classroom – using our new archaeology skills what could we deduce from the clues left behind!


11 November 2019 – Remembrance Day

We commemorated Remembrance Day with the whole school in our Act of Worship assembly; back in the classroom we took time to reflect on what Remembrance Day meant to us, exploring why we remember, why it is important that we go on remembering and sharing what we knew about how our own families were affected by the war.  We shared remembrance poetry and prayers as a class, then on a strip of red ribbon took some time to reflect and write our own prayers or remembrance poetry.  We then installed our remembrance ribbons in our school prayer space.

November 2019 – Time Capsule, Stone Age to Iron Age

We started our new learning experience finding out when the stone age was in our history; creating time lines to show the main events during this time period, comparing what was happening in Britain compared to the rest of Europe.  We shared everything we already knew about the Stone Age and started to learn some key facts about this period in time – we have some enthusiastic historians amongst us.


September 2019 – Health and Well Being

During our current learning experience of health and well being we have been exploring our emotions and mental well being starting with creating our own Ishi rocks.  Ishi is a beautiful book all about a pebble called Ishi (which means rock in Japanese); who sometimes finds life a bit hard and it shows how Ishi copes in these difficult situations.  We all created our own Ishi rocks that the children can hold onto or pop into their pockets when they are having a bit of a tricky day to remind them hope is there.

We’ve also been using the excellent film characters from Inside Out to explore our different emotions, how these emotions can make us feel and act, culminating in learning mindfulness and grounding techniques to  help us when we feel our emotions are getting too much.


5 September 2019 – Collaboration

In our classroom we are all about working together to succeed; here are some photos of the children completing their team challenges.  They all showed excellent communication skills and resilience – well done Dolphin Class.



September 2019 – Welcome to Dolphin Class

I have the pleasure of teaching your children every afternoon, covering RE, science, PE and all our other curriculum subjects taught through our learning experiences.

This half term we have started with a learning experience all about our Health and Well Being – both mental and physical.  Our science lessons are covering the animals including humans topic, looking at nutrition and healthy eating; skeletons, invertebrates and vertebrates and muscles.  Within RE we will be starting the year with learning about creation – please see the RE newsletters that details the next RE blocks learning focus.

PE – to start with this will be every Wednesday afternoon, so please ensure they have their PE kit in and ready each week.  We will be swimming after the autumn half term and a letter will be sent home nearer the time confirming the dates.

Homework – during each learning experience a home learning task will be set.  This will be usually be a creative research project for the children to complete over several weeks and will give them the opportunity to present their findings in a way of their choosing – a written document, poster, leaflet, piece of art work with facts or an online presentation – they choice will be theirs.

Thank you for your continued support, Mrs Bowles.