Dolphins, 2018-19 Archive

28 June 2019 – RE, other faiths

All this week we have been finding out about Skihism as part of our other faiths learning.  Most of the children had never heard of Sikhism as a religion so we explored the key concepts, including how and where they pray.  Next week we move onto Hinduism for a whole week of learning and then, along with Judaism that we studied earlier in the year, we are looking forward to sharing our learning about other faiths with you all at our Other Faiths Learning Celebration on Monday 8th July, 2.30 – 3.45pm.


19 June 2019 – PE, athletics

To help us prepare for sports day we have moved on in PE to athletics.  Having previously honed our running technique, including our starting position, today we put these new improved running skills into practice combining it with how to hand on the baton for our relay races.  Next week we will be learning the best techniques for the javelin and long jump.


17 June 2019 – Visit to Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church

We walked to the church this afternoon, where we were met by Father Sonny who showed us round highlighting some of the key items involved in celebrating mass in the Catholic faith.  The children were amazing and really enjoyed the visit; they recalled lots of their learning from class and had many questions for Father Sonny.


7 June 2019 – Learning Experience, Caring for our Common Home

On arriving in the classroom after lunch the Dolphin’s were shocked to find it full of rubbish!  After discussing how it felt, we identified all the different materials that the packaging was made from and the class agreed that we should recycle everything there.  As a class we sorted the rubbish according to their materials and then had a closer look at the plastic items.  We found that there were lots of different types of plastic and realised how versatile a material it is. We then used the symbols on the packaging to sort the plastic according to its type of plastic and found we were left with lots of thin film plastics that could not be recycled. We went on to investigate why plastic pollution is a problem and what we can do to help the situation.

18 May 2019 – RE, Pentecost

This week we have been exploring how the disciples felt following the ascension of Jesus, faced with completing the task set before them, spreading the word of God but without their leader.  After reading the passage about Pentecost, we imagined how the disciples felt before and after the visit of the Holy Spirit and used ‘freeze framing’ to convey their emotions.  We are going to continue our learning considering how the Holy Spirit is in those around us today.

8 May 2019 – PE, Tennis

We have all been working on improving our tennis skills in our latest PE lessons, from learning the correct grip and ready position to how to correctly complete fore and backhand passes.  We’ve then moved on to improving the accuracy of our passes and how to return them successfully.  Everyone has made great progress and really enjoyed learning a new skill.  Next we are going to move onto putting this altogether to play rally and play games.


1 May 2019 – Art Learning Experience

This week we started our next learning experience, focusing on art, working to improve our drawing techniques and skills,  as well as looking at the work of famous artists.  For these 2 weeks we will be staying in our morning classes for these lessons; so please see either Class 3 or 4’s information page for details.


23 March 2019 – Science, Light

We have completed this week our science learning on light and shadow.  We have learnt and proven: how light travels in straight lines; how materials are can be classified as translucent, transparent, or opaque; explored reflective materials; how we need light to see; how shadows are created and change shape; finally finishing our learning with considering how the sun emits UV light – what damage this can cause to our eyes and skin and how we can protect them.  We also progressed our working scientifically skills with each lesson, including conducting our own experiment into why shadows change size and shape.


13 March 2019 – PE, Sports Leadership Award

This half term the Dolphins are working towards a Sports Leadership award with Miss Barrett from Brixham College.  So far the focus has been on creating safe and suitable warm up routines.  The children have learnt the different steps required for a successful warm up, how to make it sport specific and have started creating their own routines which they then taught to others.  Ask them to demonstrate and explain dynamic and static stretches to you to get a taster of their learning to date.



8 March 2019 – Fair Trade Learning Experience Celebration

Dolphins had a fabulous afternoon sharing all their learning with our families; it was lovely seeing how much the children had learnt and to observe them challenge their grown-ups to see how much they knew too!

Over the last 2 weeks, they demonstrated their geographical knowledge identifying the different countries that produce fair trade products on a map and discovering what weather conditions they need to grow.  We followed the path of cocoa bean to chocolate bar, learning all the work required to  grow the cocoa and what percentage of the chocolate bar sales the farmers get in return, only 5%.  During our lessons we discussed how it is important that the farmers get a fair price for their produce, what a difference this makes to them and their communities and finally how we, as consumers, have a choice and responsibility in supporting people around their world through buying Fair Trade produce in shops.  The children’s empathy and social responsibility came through strongly – well done Dolphins!


7 March 2019 – World Book Day

What a fantastic day with the children looking amazing in their book character costumes.  We celebrated throughout the day with a special assembly followed by a class swap so we could share our favourite books with our book buddies and listen to each other read.  In the afternoon we joined the BBC’s special World Book Day live lesson with authors Rob Biddolf, Cressida Cowell and Malorie Blackman, each sharing some helpful top tips for inspiring us to write our own stories.  We also launched our Sponsored Read that will run for the next 3 weeks, with all money raised going towards buying new books for our library.  Happy reading everyone!


27 February 2019 – RE

We completed our Revelations block of learning at the beginning of this week, looking at John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus.  I shared with the children the gown that my own children wore for their baptism and pictures of myself when I was baptised as a baby, which the children found most interesting!  The children shared their experiences of baptism and to ask their families about it too; thank you to Bonnie who bought in her baptism gown and candle to share.  We now move onto learning about Judaism before starting on Lent next week.


27 February 2019 – Paralympian visit

We welcomed today, Dave Wetherill, a table tennis Paralympian, who has competed in the last 3 Paralympics.  During a whole school assembly we found out how and when he started playing table tennis, how he became an Olympian, how he has used many of our own school learning and gospel values to become successful in his sport and saw him demonstrate his skills in a game against Mr Lowden.  In the afternoon we had our PE lesson with Dave, where everyone got a chance to play table tennis against him and ask him more questions.  The children loved meeting him and found it very inspiring.


26 February 2019 – Fair Trade Fortnight

Since returning from half term we have started our new learning experience, Fair Trade, which will run for the next two weeks alongside Fair Trade Fortnight.  On Tuesday we welcomed Mrs Williams who gave us an excellent introduction to Fair Trade, the products, why it is important and what a difference it makes to the farmers.  We shall continue to build on this learning throughout the next two weeks, including following up some of the children’s own lines of inquiry.


5 February 2019 – Safer Internet Day

As part of Safer Internet Day the Dolphins built on our previous esafety learning by recapping the SMART acronym which helps the children remember the key steps to keeping safe when online.  We discussed in particular keeping our information safe and went through how consent/permission works when others want to share our information or photos.  A very informative lesson – here is the website link if you would like to follow this up at home,

Image result for smart e safety


1 February 2019 – NSPCC Number Day

For this maths focused afternoon we linked maths into our geography led learning experience.  So after practising times tables to pop songs and completing mental maths challenges, we examined tables of weather data for St Lucia and Brixham.  From this data the children prepared comparative bar charts for the average amount of sunlight hours per day for each month.   Next week we will continue this further preparing line graphs for the temperature data and then analysing our findings.  Although we are already amazed at how much sunshine St Lucia has compared to us – we all think a school trip to experience the sunshine for ourselves is needed!

31 January 2019 – Tag-Rugby Festival

This Thursday saw us at Brixham College to participate in a tag-rugby festival against other local schools.  In addition to playing mini games of tag-rugby, in teams of eight children aside, we also completed a tag-rugby quiz.  The children were amazing, showed progression of their tag-rugby skills throughout the afternoon, excellent team work and sportsmanship – for we which we received positive feedback from the organisers and other adults.  Unfortunately, we didn’t win the trophy this time, but I am immensely proud of their achievements and behaviour; they were a credit to you and the school.


17 January 2019 – Swimming

On Wednesday we had a fantastic afternoon for our first swimming lesson; the children were keen to show me their swimming skills and behaved impeccably, both on the walk to and from the pool and in the water.  Over the next few lessons we are going to focus on improving their overall ability, stroke technique and stamina for swimming.


January 2019 – Learning Experience

During the first half of this spring term the Dolphins will be learning all about St Lucia as part of our ‘Where in the World?’ learning experience.  We will be comparing St Lucia to where we live here in the UK, both geographical features and weather; in addition we will be extending our geographical knowledge by being able to:

  • Locate and identify the world’s continents and oceans.
  • Identify the position and the significance of the equator, northern and southern hemisphere, tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
  • Use atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features.
  • Learn the eight points of the compass and four-figure grid references.

We have already started on this learning journey and through our research on the chrome books and reading through our reference books we have discovered lots of interesting facts about St Lucia and what it’s like to live there.  One thing we have all agreed on is that we would definitely like to visit the island for our next school trip!


December 2018 – Dragon’s Den Winter Wonderland

Despite this learning experience being only a few weeks long we managed to achieve so much.  We conducted our own product research, identified our target audience and set the design criteria for our product designs before then designing various different Christmas decorations.  The children then relished the opportunity to make so many different decorations and gifts; learning new skills; and taking great care in creating high quality, professional looking items for the final Winter Wonderland market.  The children were filled with pride at seeing their final products on sale and from all the positive comments they received.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and support this event.


31 October 2018 – PE

Having completed our hockey lessons before half term we have now moved on in PE to gymnastics.  Already the children have shown great skill in this their first lesson. We looked at different ways to travel across the mats; including different types of rolls.  We then looked at sequencing these together with a partner to produce a routine.


16 October 2018 – Dolphin class trip to Battery Gardens

In support of our leadership learning experience, where we are studying Winston Churchill, we visited Battery Gardens.  The children enjoyed immensely looking around the museum, the various battlements/outbuildings and grounds. Linking the learning we had already done in class to the artefacts they saw.  They also had lots of questions for the amazing volunteers that guided us round. Back in class we are going to use this learning to help us complete our persuasion writing in support of the Battery Gardens charity.