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St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School Sport Premium for Primary Schools 2013 – 2014 Statement

The Government is providing funding of £150 million per annum for the academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15 to provide new, substantial primary school sport funding’. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

Amount of Funding Per School

All schools with 17 or more primary-aged pupils have received a lump sum of £8000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil.

Purpose of Funding

Schools have to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they have the freedom to choose how they do this. Schools are required to include details about their sporting provision on their school website, alongside their curriculum details, so parents can compare sports provision between schools, both within and beyond the school day. 

Brixham and Churston Sports Partnership Offers

In 2012 – 2013 Brixham and Churston were currently the only Secondary schools within Torbay who were working collaboratively with their primary schools.

 Level 1 – Basic Offer (Competition and Basic Training)

All Primary schools across Torbay were asked to contribute a third of their Sports Premium to enable them to access the basic offer.

The basic offer funded administrative support for our Brixham and Churston Sport Partnership and the day release of two members of staff in the same way as in 2012 – 2013, except their time was only used to enhance primary PE and sport provision.

 This enabled primary schools to access Level 1, 2 and 3 competition, festivals and training. A generic competition calendar is running throughout the Torbay Sport Partnership working on the model Brixham used last year. Level 1 competitions are run within families (Brixham and Churston Sport Partnership) with the winners from our Brixham family and our Churston family progressing into the Level 2 (Torbay) and Level 3 (Regional) competitions. A comprehensive calendar of dates is issued each term during 2013 – 2014.

 Within our Brixham and Churston Sport Partnership it was agreed that both members of staff would have a Thursday to continue their work within our primary schools. It was suggested that all other Torbay secondary teachers would also have a Thursday to run events where possible.

A steering group was been set up to help coordinate the overall aims and objectives of the Torbay Sport Partnership.

 Level 2 – Additional Offer (Curriculum Development and Inset Development of Staff)

After consultation with each of the Primary Heads involved in the Brixham and Churston Sport Partnership Brixham College proposedan additional offer funded by a further contribution from the Sports Premium.

 For a maximum contribution of £3500 they employed an additional full time member of staff to work within the Healthy Living Faculty at Brixham College with the responsibility to develop PE in primary Schools. The final total cost was dependent on the number of schools who signed up for the level 2 offer.

 This person employed had overall responsibility to work with each Primary school. In July 2013 they were tasked to assist in mapping a bespoke PE curriculum for each school.

 From September 2013 schools had access to each member of staff within the Healthy Living Faculty and our facilities to enhance their curriculum provision. This was achieved through modelling high quality PE teaching, sharing of resources, training, inset and utilising our teacher’s specialisms. Lessons are covered at Brixham College by the additional member of staff employed through the Sports Premium.

 This model of inset and teaching had been used throughout 2012/13 within a number of primary schools. It had worked successfully due to the diverse expertise, skills and facilities we have as a faculty, this includes outdoor education qualifications and equipment, dance, gymnastics, rugby, trampolining, volleyball, cooking, etc.

 Embedding high quality PE within lessons is achieved by having Brixham College teachers assisting in the delivery of the primary curriculum rather than acting as coaches. The College committed to leaving a legacy of more confident and competent teachers within areas of the PE curriculum, which each school wished to develop.

 Brixham College also assists with the collation of data of each primary schools participation and engagement in both the level 1 and 2 offers. This information is used to account for how each school spends their sport funding and create the basis of information for the school website.

 Over the year there is the capacity to evolve our Level 2 offer to extend further opportunities such as gifted and talented sessions for individuals across the Partnership throughout the year and develop a collaborative approach to levelling for primary pupils should this become a priority in the new Primary PE curriculum.

 St. Margaret Clitherow selected the Level 2 offer.

 Brixham and Churston Sports Partnership Timetables




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