Key Stage 1

The three little pigs surprise Class R!

Class R were shocked to discover that overnight, the Three Little Pigs had been busy building on our playground! Outside we discovered a straw house, a stick house and a brick house! Once Class R had solved the puzzle of who had been building in our school grounds, they worked together as storytellers to tell the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ using masks, props and story telling actions on repeated phrases.
When Class R returned to the classroom, they worked in house teams to explore building materials. One group used plastic straws, another used wooden bricks, the next used stickle bricks and the last team using cardboard boxes. The children used a lot of superhero skills to build their new houses and the groups were able to test their houses with small toy pigs or by getting in themselves!
Class R then learnt the story by creating a class story mapping, splitting the story into beginning, middle and end sections.
The children have since created their own story maps, role played using masks and props, used drama in teams to explain what they think would happen if the Big Bad Wolf got in at the end, practiced re-telling the story in groups, created a recycled greenhouse for the pigs using plastic bottles, decided to change the ‘baddy’ to a Big Bad Mouse and decided how the story would change with our new character.
Class R will be performing the story to their families at the end of term before achievement assembly.